This is where all my focus has been the past 2 weeks. his name is Michael and he makes me extremely happy. Things are so much better now that he’s around and I feel I have purpose again… so sorry if I haven’t been as active as I used to. I just don’t have the time to be online 24-7 anymore with work and my new relationship ;v;




“This may be problematic, or amazing.
I honestly haven’t decided which.”

             And I can’t decide whether this is
             a cruel joke or some kind of dream. 

thefalconsxnest: AHHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABU <3 i hope you have a great day!

Thank youuu c:

onthropes: HAPPY B DAY!!

Thank you bb!

blackwidowromanov: oh my goob happy birthday hun <3 ( i know we dont talk but shh )

Aww even if we don’t talk it’s appreciated :D Thank you!

Happy Birthday!

CAKE. Just what I wanted!

titaniumallxy: hAPPY BURFDAAAAAAY

Thank you. dear! So far it’s been a great day, can’t wait to leave and finally get to go out and do something lol,

ironmxde: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! i hope you have an amazing day.

Aww, THANK YOU DEAR. I appreciate the birthday wishes!

asciencefact: Ermahgerd! It's your birthday!?!? Happy birthday, sweetums

Yes it is! and THANK YEW.