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     Oh my lord, he was attractive. Bucky swallowed hard, mouth suddenly impossibly dry; he dropped his gaze from the other man to the whale, pretending that his slightly apprehensive look was due to the whale’s condition and not his inexplicable attraction to Steve. Aniak clicked and flicked his tail fin, powering his body up into Bucky’s hand and hitting it with enough force to nudge the trainer off-balance; of course, he immediately righted himself and moved to dip a foot into the water, kicking up a playful spray of water at the whale. Intuitive cockblock, he mused — at least Aniak would be a better wingman than anyone else in his life.

     And was that a subtle look of frustration in Steve’s baby-blue eyes? If this specimen of a man also thought that orcas didn’t belong in concrete jungles, he would be too good to be true. Bucky would have to find a way to see him again tomorrow.

     ”Hey, um, thanks,” he began genuinely, drawing himself up and reaching up to swipe wet hair out of his eyes before extending his only hand out to the specialist. “Means a lot to have you come out this far for him.” 

            Steve smiled, throwing the bag of his shoulder as he slipped on some shoes meant to go into the water.  It’s my job to take care of them, and I love it. so whether it’s an hour or five hours, I’d still do it.  He bent down one last time, rubbing the orca’s snout, laughing as he opened his mouth and curled his tongue. Petting the massive muscle softly, he rubbed the orca’s snout.  He’s got personality, that’s for sure. Means being sick won’t get in the way of being a clown. ” He smiled, before he walked to the exit where someone else held the door open for him.  See you tomorrow, James.  He said, walking off the stage and towards the changing room where he’d put on something normal and not so… tight. He was never a vain person and looking good wasn’t a concern, he just had to be in good shape and going to the beach to swim helped.

           Walking to the changing room, he removed the wet suit and dried off, putting on a clean pair of underwear, along with pants and a shirt to keep him cool. After writing a report and leaving his number and card with the front desk if they needed any questions, he gathered his materials and went towards the hospitals van, opening the back to set his bag down before shutting it up. Sliding inside, he drove off back towards his office where he could gather the materials for tomorrow and run the proper tests. 


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thefalconsxnest: He crosses the grass in two leaps and a bound, hands pressed to the side of Steve's neck as their lips connect in honey colored light. "Missed you." Sam murmurs, fingers warm on Steve's fluttering pulse.

         Steve was content with the closeness of their bodies, a small smile on his face as he pulled Sam close to his form.  Missed you too, Sam.  

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     Bucky was wary as he circled the pool, watching the interloper - his name was Steve, he deduced from a sideways glance at his paperwork - with the whale he loved and cared for. Aniak, eager but weak, struggled to follow his commands; it took him several tries to get onto the slide-out and present himself to the other human. At least Steve seemed gentle and good-natured, and he was intuitive enough to recognize Aniak’s struggling — he didn’t keep the orca out of the water for any longer than he needed to, much to his credit. Still, the one-armed trainer remained skeptical.

     ”He’s sixteen,” he answered briskly, concern evident in his voice. Aniak squealed halfheartedly and reached up to press his rubbery nose into Bucky’s hand, looking for reassurance from a familiar face. The human reciprocated the gentle touch, cooing softly to the ill whale and running his worn fingertips over the creature’s forehead. Inwardly, the trainer was excruciatingly upset; the last thing Aniak needed was to suffer from heightened aggression. After all, this was the quiet, well-behaved whale who had dragged his favorite trainer to the bottom of the pool and wrenched his arm off in front of a terrified crowd — what would happen if he had extra aggression piled onto him? At least he wasn’t being shoved out to perform without being treated; Steve seemed to care about what was best for the animal, rather than what was best for the park. I can work with that, Bucky thought to himself with a rueful, relenting smile.

         “ He won’t be aggressive around trainers, just other whales. As long as he’s kept in a separate tank the medication will work in a week or less.  Removing the machine from the whales blowhole, he took a small sample and with a swab and put it in a large back, zipping it shut. Rubbing the whales body once last time, he stood up from the platform and grabbed his bag, picking it up with a lift of his arm.  I’ll need to order the medication from my other location so it won’t be here until tomorrow, but the good news is he doesn’t seem too bad. just a bit lethargic and he shouldn’t get any worse in the next day or so, so the quicker I administer the medication the better.  He said, slowly removing the mask to reveal cleanly cut facial hair, just a lighter shade than the hair on his head. 

               It’s can be given with a needle or with his food mixed in, whatever you think he prefers. It comes in power or injection, so—  He inhaled and exhaled, the cool water feeling rather nice against his feet.  He’ll probably get really tired too, so if he’s not too active when on the antibiotic it’s normal. But he’ll be back to performing in no time.  He didn’t think it was fair for these animals to being confined to such small places, as a matter of fact they deserved to be in the wild where they belonged… but he said nothing on his opinion, closing his bag.  I’ll leave my card with the office, and make sure not to be here any later than ten tomorrow.  

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     He hated them. Bucky preferred to stay beneath the water, in the silence and the peace, drifting with the pod as they circled slowly around their tank; indeed, he felt more at home with these whales than with the other trainers above. They regarded him with such shamefaced pity — none of them would even look at the sleek, rounded wetsuit where his left arm should be. Though the whale was the one who attacked him, the SeaWorld higher-ups were the ones who tried to kill him. Luckily for Aniak and the rest of the pod, they had failed — Bucky Barnes was alive and kicking, one-armed and still the senior cetacean trainer. He took cues from the whales and used his body to swim, his one good arm only used for balance when treading water; he had become lithe and fluid, twisting sinuously through the water, more than making up for his handicap. And so, Bucky wished he could learn to hold his breath for hours, for he felt more a part of orca-kind than he did of humanity.

     Today, there were five orcas in the main pool. Bucky spent time with each one of them, kissing their rubbery noses and petting their great smooth tongues, cooing softly to them as he fed them handfuls of herring and smelt. The pod was anxious — Aniak, the very whale who had attacked him, was in the medical pool. He’d come down with a case of pneumonia, a possibly lethal illness that was unfortunately common in captive orcas. SeaWorld had called in a marine wildlife specialist to take a look at him; Bucky was skeptical. If this doctor was anything like the rest of SeaWorld, he would brush off the whale’s illness and put him right back in the main tank for the three o’clock show.

     After spending time with the rest of the pod, he hurried up to the medical pool; he made it just in time to meet with the specialist — and what a specialist he was.

             Animals have been his passion since he was four, but marine wildlife was where his interest stayed. Dolphins, whales, sea lions, turtles… the list went on for miles. He’s treated from the smallest baby sea turtle to whale sharks. Animals were amazing creatures and he would never stop doing what he did because he loved his job so much. When he heard there was a sick whale at the local Sea World, he couldn’t say no to the opportunity to meeting the magnificent creature and treat it. After a good two hour drive, he signed in to the theme park and changed into reasonable clothes to keep his other clothes from getting soaked. Making sure he had his correct supplies., he walked through the back door for the medical pool, watching the large mammal swimming around. Just by the behavior, he could tell it was stressed.

           Knowing all the little tricks to get the whale to perform so he could get closer, he had the trainer stand to the side so they didn’t interfere. Putting on a mask and gloves, he stepped onto the platform that was engulfed in water, having the whale come up onto the platform with promise of fish. After giving it some fish, he knelt down and had the whale open his mouth, checking the texture of the tongue along with the roof of his mouth. Concerned eyes watched as the whales blowhole struggled to open and close. Rubbing the whales side, softly, he stood and walked to where the blowhole was, examining it curiously. Continuing to rub the whale gently to calm it, he took out a machine to collect a sputum sample, having the whale go back underwater. Sitting on the corner of the platform, he had the whale swim beside the platform so he could preform the procedure. 

          how old is he?  He asked James, running his hand across the smooth skin, smiling softly as he let the machine do what it was supposed to.  And how long before you noticed he was feeling sick.  He asked casually, continuing to rub the whales body soothingly.  I’m going to run some samples to see if he’s able to perform, but from the looks of it he’ll need to be on his own for a while when he recovers. The medication I’m going to be giving him will make him extremely aggressive so he’ll need to be in a separate tank.   



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