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            Bruce— What brings you here?  


            “ Let me guess, Julie, is it?  

Does anyone wanna rp? I’m in such great mood and wanna write so if you wanna rp like this thing or whatever and we can do the thing.

Chris Evans + chest hair



                   Ooh, Cap, are you sure  you should be swearing at me like that? Maybe I should give you some alone time with the bike; wouldn’t want to intrude on your clearly very special connection.❞ Brows hitching at the super soldier mockingly, he scoffs. ❝That’s because you’re secretly an adrenaline junkie with a permanent death wish. And yes, we are, Captain Bossypants. No need to get your stars and spangles in a twist.❞

The keys to his darling Spyder are fished out of the pocket of his pants which he proceeds to dangle at Steve before spinning on his heel. A chirp from the remote control and the doors are swinging up and outwards; Tony gestures with an over-exaggerated flourish of both hands before slipping into the driver’s seat. As he’s reversing out of the parking space, he shoots Steve an incredulous look that peaks out from over the edge of his sunglasses.

                                                               ❝When did you become so sassy, anyway?

            I said Damn, Stark. highly doubt that’s considered foul language.  He said with a sly expression on his face. He’d prefer to drive his bike and follow the other but considering Tony seemed damned to get him into the car he slid in and buckled in. Safety first, right? He leaned back in the seat, a small laugh following.  I learn it from you, Tony. I think you’re rubbing off on me too much. You always said I was too uptight, isn’t this better?  He said, a smarmy grin appearing on his face as he looked over at the other. 



          “ Huh? Oh, no… just been tired lately. Seems life is finally catching up to me.  He smiled warily, before shrugging his shoulders.  Super soldier or not I guess we all have our breaking points.  He said softly, the smile straining on his face.

     ”You need some time off darlin’” Lafayette replied as he poured them each a cup of coffee before sitting down at the table. He carefully slid Steve’s over was he poured a little creamer in his mug. After adding a spoonful of sugar he stirred it slowly. “Damn right, you ain’t Superman sweetheart. You’s only human, even Cap’ needs some rest now an’ then.”

         “ There’s a lot to do thought and they need my help. I ca’t say no to work because no one else is willing to help.  He picked up the up, sipping it casually.  If I don’t do it, no one will.  He said, shrugging his shoulders.  I don’t really have much else to do, too… so work keeps me busy and distracted.  



 He doesn’t have much to show, the last few months
 having been hard to come by with anything. But he got
 lucky in the last pharmacy and came away with a few
 bottles of antibiotics and supplies. Plus the assortment
 of ammo he’s been accruing for the past while now, he
 was certain he could make a deal. Don’t need bullets
 when he’s managed to sneak his way past most trouble
 ———- at least up until now. But it seems his luck’s still
 holding out if he’s managed to come across a kid who’s
 willing to work out some kind of an arrangement.

          “Just got pills mostly, some bandages
                                       if you’re in dire need of ‘em.”

 He’s pulling out the items one by one, still keeping an eye
 on both the boy and that dog as he’s laying them out. It
 seems a fair trade for him, a few cans of food for a few
 bottles of pills. Trying to scrounge up anything in these
 woods proved more of a challenge than he’d like to admit.
 What he wouldn’t give for his old rifle.

                                      “What’re you willing to trade?”

           Watching as he took out all the stuff he had, he pushed the half
           full crate over.  Pick whatever you want, I have   more   stashed
           in the back. I just need some medication and  bandages, made
           the mistake of going out without a full clip one night and got shot
           in the leg… so I’m nursing a bullet wound I’d prefer not
           get infected. 

           He knew pills and injections were hard to come across, so they
           were most precious to most people who had a decent supply.

           Whatever you want to trade, name it. I’m in dire need of the
          pills and the wraps. Name your price and I’ll try to meet it. 


"He did Steve. There’s too many people that won’t take action, and just walk on by. You did the right thing, by saying something—by doing something."It’s why he loves—admires him so. Sam leans on him, hands reaching for those which are tucked under, folded away in anger, wishing to unfold his palms and hold them in his own. "You did the right thing. People will understand that.” 

         After the anger eventually washed away, he leaned back in the seat and sighed heavily, running his hands through his hair a bit to relax himself. Letting out one last stressful breath, he pinched his nose and rubbed the bridge gently.